Business Valuation Services

Valuation services are available for any business owner, for partner buy outs, divorce, estate planning, bank financing and exit strategies at the time of the sale.

The first step in the process of selling your business is for us to determine the fair market value by performing a business valuation. Please contact us and we will email you a list of the necessary documentation needed for the valuation.

The valuation will take into account many factors with the most important being the sellers discretionary cash flow, allowing for the highest possible sales price. The sellers discretionary cash flow is defined as those monies available to the owner after the necessary expenses of the business have been paid. Once we have determined the sellers discretionary cash flow we will look at your Inventory, Furniture Fixtures and Equipment, Customer Base, Regional Comparables and then we will package your Business for sale. The sale process is always handled under the strictest of confidentiality. When valuing a business for sale we look to the past performance of the business as will lenders and Buyers.

The fair market value that we will give you is something that we will be comfortable using as a purchase price in the listing and eventual sale. Please remember we are not just valuators we actually sell businesses so we are aware of the complexities in transferring a business to the Buyer, working with Lenders and the SBA, Landlords etc. We will represent you the seller but still spend time with the Buyer preparing them to purchase the business.